Why Me?


Why Choose Me?

My mission with Happy Pilates is that it’s all about being the best you can, enjoying yourself on the journey, meeting other like-minded folk and realising your body is amazing, and will continue to be with a little bit of work.

Happy Pilates is also completely inclusive to all.

I have been a Pilates teacher for over 20 years, trained with Michael King himself! I am also a fully qualified personal trainer.

Pilates with me is so much more fun than the what you’d expect, but still with fabulous results… come and see what I can do for your body!

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“I’ve been doing Pilates with Sabina for 6 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else! Sabina’s classes are always well-structured and innovative, with new moves to try each week. She’s confident and managed to adapt so quickly to teaching via Zoom during the pandemic. There’s a class for every level and Sabina immediately makes beginners feel at ease.”

Antonia Ridley

“Sabina’s classes are so friendly and supportive. It doesn’t matter what shape, size or age you are, or how experienced. It’s all about going at your own level and improving at your own pace. I have been going weekly for over a year now and it has made a huge difference. I always feel so much better after a class – physically and mentally! Sabina is lovely – very professional but also lots of fun. She’s a highly recommended tonic!”


“I have thoroughly enjoyed Sabina’s Pilates classes for the past 3 years. During that time my core strength, posture and flexibility have been greatly improved. Sabina pays attention to the capabilities of everyone in the class to ensure that each person is challenged to the best of their abilities. Her classes are fun and I always come away with a feeling of well being and looking forward to the next one 😊”

Helen S

“Since joining Sabina’s dynamic Pilates classes I have seen a real difference in both my strength and body shape. Her classes are hard work but fun and friendly and I always leave feeling taller and fitter. Everyone should do Pilates!”

Ros Ellis

“I’ve done Sabina’s Pilates classes for years and I love the way she explains and demonstrates all the exercises. Prior to finding her classes I had tried Pilates but found it boring… with Sabina it is NEVER boring! Brilliant teaching, with all the equipment you need, in a very caring and friendly class.”

Sarah Pooley

“Sabina’s classes always pass so quickly as they’re hard work but lots of fun! My back flexibility & strength has improved enormously so my need to visit the Chiropractor regularly is no more!”

Debbie Greenslade BSC, ANP

“When I started looking for a Pilates class in the area six years ago, I wanted an instructor who kept an eye on everyone to ensure the moves were carried out correctly, and who would help me improve my fitness and flexibility. It would have been nice if it could be a bit of fun, too.
Well, I found all that and more at ‘Happy Pilates’. I kept myself in shape, made some new friends and laughed so much that I hate to miss a class! Thank you Sabina for all the fitness and the fun that you give us!”

Diane Blakeley

“I had seen several Pilates teachers in the past but Sabina is the best one. When I had back problems, she advised me to use a bolster to support the back and assisted me an easier way. She looks after each student properly. Her class is lots of fun! I recommend her. She is a great Pilates teacher!”

Mayumi N

“I have been taking Pilates classes with Sabina now for the last 7 years, classes are varied and never dull with new routines that guarantee a full body work out. My core is much stronger and her classes have reduced considerably my lower back pain. I attend on a Monday morning and always come away feeling ready for a full week ahead for home life and work. She is a very positive teacher and keeps me motivated to continue Pilates. I would highly recommend attending Sabina’s classes, as she won’t disappoint.”


“I so enjoy Sabina’s classes which are very friendly with fun and banter. The exercises are especially beneficial to strengthen my muscles as I have Paget’s disease.”


“Sabina’s classes are not only fun, but totally professional in her constant reminders of good practice throughout all the exercises. The exercises are varied each week so the class is always challenging with different levels given. I would highly recommend Sabina.”

Sue Brown

“Sabina is very warm, friendly and encouraging. There are different levels to work at in her classes and she makes them fun and engaging.”


“I’ve been coming to Sabina’s classes for 12 years and she is simply the best. Challenging but encouraging I always leave her classes feeling amazing.”


“Sabina is a brilliant Pilates teacher! My body’s never been so toned! Great exercise, always fun and relaxing, but challenging too.”

Sue Bishop

“Happy Pilates is just that…happy! Sabina’s classes are fun yet you feel and know you’ve had a really good workout. I’m hooked!”

Anna McNally

“I started Happy Pilates in 2017 due to having ongoing hip pain and back spasms. I also suffer with Fibromyalgia. Sabina made me feel welcome from the very start with her beautiful smile and warmth. She has always been so positive and friendly and accommodating to everyone. The name “Happy Pilates” is so very apt because you have fun, whilst you exercise! She tailors different movements to everyone’s needs and abilities and is always caring and mindful about their capabilities, for example, she will give me a bolster to support my back or a cushion for your hip. I always look forward to going because I know I’m going to feel great after as I’ve had a good stretch and feel pretty amazing. Also, the group always has fun together. With regular “Happy Pilates,” my health feels much improved! I am always greeted by such a wonderful teacher, whom I now call a good friend because she brings ‘Rays of Sunshine’ into my life. I Love You Sabina; You are amazing.”